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This summer I wanted to do a trip with my sweet sixteen. She is an amazing girl, living on her own in a different city, because she wanted to attend an english-speaking high school. She is doing great at school, but she has had some struggles living on her own. This is why it was very important for me to do something nice and special with and for her this summer. It was hard to choose what to do, but in the end we decided to do a roadtrip to Denmark, through the south of Sweden and with a ferry back to Norway in the end. We booked a few hotels, but wanted to have the opportunity to do some impulsive actions as well. The pictures this time is from one of these impulsive off the main road adventures.

I have always had a dream of living on a small farm, growing my own food, living ecological and be free to dig into the soil. From television I knew of this place, Fuglebjerggård (The Bird hill farm), so Lina agreed to go and have a look at this farm. I guess she really would love to stay in Copenhagen for another day, but she joined me for this. And when we arrived, and I got cold feet for going in to someones farm, she motivated me to carry on, oh my am I happy for that.

The only thing I am sad about is that the farmers store was closed and so was the coffee shop, but we met some really nice and smiling people that gave us permission to walk around and have a look. Now I want to share this beautiful, amazing place with you.

If the shop is open when you visit, I suggest that you look for the Italian pots for your herbs. I loved them, and would have filled my car with them if the shop was open, and it is - every Saturday. Short reminder to self; make sure to have a look for opening hours in advance.

or to buy some of the "get away worm" juice for your plants, vegetables and herbs - all ecological.

Even the out house has a fabulous name "eco toilet" - and that is what I will call my cabin out house too

The garden smell of all the beautiful flowers. So many roses with the scent of heaven.

And the insects were having a party all over the place.

Since there has been a few very dry and hot days in Denmark the plants needed some water.

Busy collecting nectar for later

In between the roses, vegetables, animals and bushes there were a few oases. Absolutely like a queen's garden

Lina found some kittens and wanted us to adopt one of them, or if she could choose she would buy all 9 kittens and the 3 grown cats we met. And then she would love to have a place like this on her own, like me.

Then we found some more temptations for making a place like this. Berries of all kinds, lettuce, kale, eatable flowers, nuts, fruits and a lot of other vegetables.

Drying flowers for different use, I love that they use all of what they grow on this farm. And it is possible to buy things from their net-shop as well.

I hope you have enjoyed this article as much as I loved walking around, shooting the images together with the most amazing girl.

Thank you Lina for making the vacation so precious and special.

Now I will encourage you to follow our blog circle, and from my blog I will show you the talented Suzanne O'Brien.



Lot´s of summerly love to all of you from my sweet sixteen and me.


- Trini

Dear everyone,

This month was supposed to be all about summer - but in Norway we have only had a few a glimpse of the summer heat yet. At least in my area. The calendar says summer, but I am still waiting. Last summer was fabulous, but I usually don´t dwell on the past. I must admit it was tempting to find some pictures from last year, but lately I find my self more and more honest. I don´t want to cheat for my homework assignments, and I don´t want to cheat in my blog. I want to make short cuts, but I can´t make my self do it. I rather try, make an effort, than sail away on old feats.

To a lot of Norwegians summer is all about the fjords and the sea, spending time in their boat. Polish, fishing, sunbathing, swimming, playing, showing off and feeling free. What is your favorite summer feeling?

Since a lot of my time is tied up to school and homework assignments, I recently found myself shooting a lot of cliches. At least they have been inspired by summer.

I love summer flowers, what about you? Which is your favorite? I love red, pink, white and blue flowers. But the thing I love the most is the smell. Do you take time to smell the flowers? What is your favorite summer smell?

All these cliches made me wonder if I am a photographer that clings to cliches? Is it the easy way out? Is it because I don´t share a lot of the private me? Or is it because I am trying too hard? I am half way through my studies and I guess it is very normal to question what I am doing. Who am I as a photographer? Who do I want to be as a photographer? Normally I spend time reflecting during winter, but maybe this cold, gray, rainy spring and early summer makes me reflect of everything. I kind of love doing it, it makes me a different version of me, and mostly a better version of me.

I found some summery places in Oslo the other day, by the river the trees are really green.

The ducks are out in every watery place in the city, like fountains, the river, the fjord.

Which brings me over to the summery feeling in the countryside of Norway.

Along our coastline there are several towns all known for their white colored houses standing side by side. This is a really summery feeling to a lot of Norwegians. The population increases during summer because it is such a popular place to spend our summer vacations.

I am so lucky living in this beautiful and exciting country. And summer is really one of my favorite times of year.

But summer is also about traveling abroad, and also about family and friends having fun together.

Summer is also the time car enthusiasts take out their pretty cars for a ride.

I really love the details of these cars.

Most of these cars are American, which brings me over to our blog circle, I hope you will find your way over to the talented Stacey Griffin´s blog and follow the circle all the way around, from blog to blog. I hope you find yourself a cup of coffee or tea and just relax reading about our summer experiences, around the world.

There is no time like this for long summer nights, midnight sun in the north, quiet fjords and lakes, sleeping outside under the moon, either in your boat, in a tent, on the porch, on the beach, or in the forest.

I wish you all a beautiful, joyful, relaxing and peaceful summer.

- Trini <3


For this month’s 10 on 10 I will show some of my Homework from my studies. Since my days are filled with new and interesting knowledge (to me) from the world of photography I hardly have time to do anything but homework.

Homework is for me the tasks, assigned to me by my teachers, to be completed outside the class. These tasks or assignments includes problems to be solved, a project to be built, or other skills to be practiced. And this is what I will show you (again). I feel my images are lifted to other levels for each assignment we do. I can mix knowledge from different classes and are so happy for this opportunity in my life.

One of my projects this month was to photograph stress. I started it all by mind mapping the term stress. What is stress? How do we recognize stress? How does it affect you? I have been studying management, nursing and nursing science earlier and the term "stress" is common in all of those studies and line of work. The hardest thing to do is to put it in to pictures. I did not want pictures that were too obvious, like a person with a computer, or a person in a big group facing the opposite way as the others, so I had to find the creative side.

 Then I remembered this technique we learned in a different class. The technique is called "panning" - and by panning objects seems to freeze and still looks like they are in a hurry. You do it best by standing in one place, focus on the object and let your camera follow the object through the movement. I used mostly ISO 125, f11, 1/25 sec for these images.

I also think a few of them got stressed when they saw the photographer standing by the road, I guess I would have thought about speed control by the highway police :-) maybe they slowed down for a while

Even the farmer looks like he is stressed for the spring preparations. There is so much to do for the farmers these days, plow the field, plant seeds, baby animals to look after and so on, no wonder they are stressed.

Being in a hurry is one way to look at stress.

I also wanted to shoot stress like a feeling. Because to me stress is a feeling too. Here I tried to show the feeling of fear related to stress. Again using a photography technique. This technique I think is called slow-panning, or zooming. It is a photograph taken with a zoom lens, whose focal length was varied during the course of the exposure.

The task was to create a project consisting of several photography in a series. And instead of making one big series of images, I made three series of 6-7 images in each. With this last one I also wanted to make the viewer stressed, not only the image, but also the receiver of the message/ picture. Do you think I succeeded? Did you feel a little stressed of the last three images? ;-)

In another class we look at lighting objects, I am learning about hard and soft light and shadows, about angels, sizes, distance and temperature of the light. And all of this knowledge will help me find the right light source for my pictures. I have tried studio lighting with fabulous profoto light and flashes. With and without softboxes, umbrellas, Fresnel, grids, snoots and so on.

We try different kinds of backgrounds in the studio, but I often end up with white or black.

And lighting with a flash is not easy, not even with a Rogue flash bender. Even if the flash bender has helped me several times for my assignments.

And lighting with natural light from a window gives me the softest and most beautiful light, but it is not easy to make it do what I want it to do because it bounces around, all over the place.

And for my last task where I were to mix different light temperatures I used this one. I attended the Nordic Light International Photography Festival in Kristiansund, Norway in the end of April this year. So I had short of time for my homework, and lucky for me I got a chance to shoot this sign (read Nordic Light backwards) with the festival city in the distance. This sign is like the famous Hollywood sign in L.A. and I hope one day to be able to see that sign as well.

Please follow around the 10 on 10 circle and see what my talented friends around the world are doing, and I will guide you on to the lovely blog of Stacey Griffin.