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Since last blog I have begun studies. I have started photography school in Oslo, specifically on basic education to Bilder Nordic School of Photography. It pleases my heart every single day. This is going to be an educational, fun and exhausting process in my life, it will surely bring me much joy.
I tried to get all 10 images on March 10th, but I came up short - so I thought I could show some of what I've done for assignments and homework at school. We must embrace a great deal during this year, and I would love to show you.

The first lesson we had was portrait without further instructions than that they should be a series of similar lighting, similar style. So here are two of the one I liked best.


In addition to specific tasks we should shoot every day, and present the best images for the class.

First week I chose a boat that is in Tonsberg - the city next to where I live, I photographed it at different times of the day because it is so beautifully by the pier and because I like boats, piers, bridges, and roads. In a previous workshop I have attended, I got questions if I was an engineer, because my shots were so characterized by bridges, hard lines etc. Maybe a little engineer
is sleeping inside me? I do not intend to wake that part other than for photo. My teachers, National Geographic photographer Marcus Bleasdale, boasted at least that I had been in the same place several times, it indicated that I thought it was something that was important to photograph. And it got me to thinking alot, because today we are so busy, we make snapshots everywhere, we collect our pictures on digital disks never to take them properly in eyesight again. We must remember that we are not so busy that we can not stop at the same thing several times. And we do discover new things every time we stop.


We have also had homework in Long Shutter speed, and I've had so much to do that the picture of the day was taken after dark. Fortunately, we are now starting a season of longer and brighter days. Though darkness can provide some stunning images.


Photo is light, or the use of light. And one of my subjects are "light and lighting". The first task we got was transformed light, a task we received many suggestions on from our  teacher before we were going to do it ourselves. It made the task somewhat difficult for me, but I have managed to do something.

We have also begun to practice in the studio, it's very cool. One of my fellow students took their dog so we could photograph it, it was very challenging and fun. Maybe a little difficult as the first exercise, but Chilli, the dog, managed very well. I think I want to do it again, even if I am not such a big animal person.

 We also tried us on large format- and medium format cameras, which fascinates me a lot. But this time I will not mix genres and loose focus on what I am really here to do, but maybe sometime, now that I have discovered an ocean of time when I am shooting. I'm in a class of nearly 20 students, and the age range is wide. Here is my class taken with a large format camera and Polaroid film.


If you are now inspired to see what the other Photographers in our 10 on 10-ring has made this month, simply follow the links. I will at least guide you to Kristina Rust so you can see her great photos and inspiring article.

Wishing you all a great spring,


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Probably the best thing I did this year.