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So nice that you came by my blog this time too. Now it's the third time I participate in the 10-on-10 collaboration, and it is incredibly inspiring and fun. We've made some changes since the last time, so now everyone will publish their article on the 10th each month with pictures taken since last time.

This time I will focus on the changes happening around me. It is at this time of year that it is easy to change, to think new inspiring thoughts. Everything around us is changing again, spring is coming and I am loving it. It is time to replace your winter wardrobe with some lighter clothing. It sprouts and grows out, birds chirping and flowers looking ahead.

Since last I've done several photo shoots, and I was lucky enough to borrow this beautiful girl to my homework. Babies are really new beginnings, both for them selves in life and for the family involved.

Which signs of spring are your favorites? Mine is when I see traces of colors, coltsfoot or Clay men as we say where I come from (because they tend to grow in clay and other difficult places) - or Tussilago Farfara as it is called in Latin. Or when Krokus peer up of snow. And the gorgeous blue of Hepatica on the forest floor. I also like very much when the magnolia tree in the garden of someone here in town flourishes.

Nature and animals wakes up and will show themselves off to the rest of the world. Heaven reflected in all shiny surfaces.

And sometimes it's almost torture to wait for color and flowers to wake, so it's easy to fall for the temptation to cheat a little, this knot I took in to get even more blue skies in my heart.

The very best is to be able to walk around barefoot again, knowing the earth under my feet - become one with nature again. There is nothing better than that. Grounding we call it and it gives me very good energy throughout the body, the feet are warm and soft afterwards.

With this amazing mood picture I wish you all wonderful new beginnings.

Now that you have come to the end of the article I will encourage you to follow the thread further into the circle "10-on-10", 10 photos on April 10th, 10 blogs written by 10 female photographers from around the world. I entrust the baton to Connie Hanks, she shows some stunning images from her home this time.

Warm wishes from Trine Lise - Trini

Namaste - until next time




In Norway we started to get a tradition where we focus on love in February. More and more Norwegians celebrate Valentine's Day one way or another. In my  "10 on 10" - blog circle we have chosen Love as our theme. I wanted to look at how we prepare for Valentine's Day in Norway, but I must admit that it was hard to find anything this year. In previous years I have had the feeling that trade booth focused on hearts, flowers, chocolate, etc., but not this year. So I had to redo my thoughts in relation to my original plan, there were no stores that had placed out hearts, flowers, chocolates, cards or anything that reminded of the great day of Love. Maybe it was not a success in Norway last year and no shops would lose money to promote something they was not sure about?

I had to change my plans when it became absolutely impossible to photograph 10 images of love this 10th day of February. Therefore, I will show you that I associate with love and romance. And I start by showing you pictures from a wedding I shot a while back.


The bride and groom gave the guests something to talk about when they left the church on the way to the photo shoot.

 The bride and groom had chosen beautiful Bærums Verk as a background for their wedding photos.

 A couple of lovebirds, honored the bridal couple with their presence.

I also shot some more traditional images.


But it was certainly time for a little flirt and humor before the photoshoot was over and the wedding party could begin.

I'm not sure if I am a great supporter of celebrating Valentine's Day, get me right, because I like the attention love gets. I think I'm more dependent on everyday love, it means so much more and it's the little things that matter the most. For me symbols of love are, little hearts, big hearts, flowers, chocolate, candlelight dinner, but most of all love is action, where we show others how important they are to us. Either by holding someones hand or smiling to eachother. These small caress means more than words, action is more powerful than words, both written and spoken words.

When I'm out walking I often find hearts in nature, either because someone has made them or because there are formations that resemble the shape of a heart. As this heart over - it was after some bad weather and high waves had ripped seaweed onto the beach, they were almost in this formation when I came by, so I just helped and filled in a bit more. Hopefully I pleased the next person walking along the beach that day, because the shape of hearts also do something positive with our mood.


Or on the 10th of February, when I did not get photographed somewhat relative to Valentine's Day, when I went for a walk on the beach this little heart appeared among sand and snow. It literally lay there and lit up the beach, perhaps to comfort me because I had not gotten to what I had been looking forward to for so long, who knows.

It inspired me to at least find more signs of love, so I drew a heart to all of you who read my blog today.

How do you experience everyday love? Which symbols do you have for love? Maybe you want to share your symbols and thoughts in a comment below, I would appreciate that.

I think nature speaks to us through such formations. I hope you see hearts on your way today and I hope that I have inspired someone to show their love today.


Thank you for your time and welcome back.

Now I hope you would like to see more of what one of the other photographers have to say about love and look at their fabulous pictures.

Please follow around our blog circle starting with  Kristina Rust. From there you can click on each subsequent link. Please be sure to take a look at each woman’s blog posts and leave a comment on your way.



Trini - Trine Lise in Norway

10 on 10


The 10 on 10 A monthly collaborative

In January I was asked to join a circle of photographing bloggers around the world. In this circle we are 10 photographers who take 10 images the tenth day of the month and write blog posts around the images from the day. We links to each other's blogs so that it is possible for our readers to follow the circle and read the other photographers blogs.

I am very grateful and humble to be asked to participate. And I will do my best not to disappoint my co-photographers of the circle.

I want to begin in February and we agreed that the theme is Love, Love. So watch out for the next blog where I will show you 10 images related to love.

As the photographers in this circle come from different parts of the world I will post your blog posts in both Norwegian and English and the others in the circle writes their blogs in English. If you feel that you are not so steady in English I recommend that you take a look at their great pictures anyway.

Thank you for coming by my blog,


Trini - Trine Lise