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Dear reader,

This is the month where we celebrate our national day in Norway, and a lot of boys and girls go to their confirmation. We celebrate spring and beginning of summer, and change our indoor activities to outdoor activities. We start talking to our neighbors again after living inside during winter. New babies are born, the birds are singing again and it feels like we are all more alive, I love spring and summer.

One of my tasks from the workshop was "Spring in my hands", I love photographing flowers, and will do a lot more of that in the coming weeks.

I also love combining flowers and portraits in double exposure, it is so much fun, I love that I can do all of it in my camera and spend so little time retouching.

As I was saying, alot of newborns are out and about already, lucky me to be able to photograph these small miracles of the world.

And the confirmand, Elise, in her beautiful Bunad, this is a bunad from Nordmøre, wich is located on the west coast, almost in the middle of Norway.

And Evelina is wearing her Bunad from Nordland, which is in the northern parts of Norway, not all the way up, but in the arctic circle area.

Andreas was so cool to stand out in the cold wind for this pictures.




Now I will send you off to take a look in to our blog circle, and start with the really beautiful pictures from Kathleen Ries - and after that it is easy to follow all of the fabulous, interesting, talented and awesome photographers from the blog circle. Enjoy <3




I wish you all a joyful summer - may you have a lot of fun, shoot great pictures and enjoy life.

Until next time,


- Trini in Norway




Hi - how are you?

I am feeling great, I am attending an online workshop in lifestyle photography. I find it really awesome, I struggle every day, but I find it really fun. I am not great at styling, and think I will find someone to cooperate with for shots like this, but it is great to know the basics and it is actually fun. I think the workshop is really busy, so much to cover on such little time. I tend to spend time practice what we learned the first week, still in week three. And my tiny studio are filling up with props, it looks so interesting out there :-) Like a small museum ;-)

I have also learned that I am not spending my time in the kitchen any more either, photography has taken all my time, and when I am not behind my camera or in my digital darkroom, I am relaxing to get my strength back for more walks on the beach with my camera.

Lifestyle photography is about flowers, still life, food, travel and how to tell stories. For me the idea is to learn how to compose beautiful pictures, maybe to sell to Magazines, or just for the beauty of it. This was such a fabulous continuing from my last year at school, where we worked with story telling, how to tell a person´s story through images. And since I made a story for my portfolio, not including a person, just a few people in the distance. I got a few "aha´s" during this workshop. The photographer behind the workshop is Danish, her name is Christina Greve and her online workshop is rellay great. I know she also gives workshops in Denmark and one day I might be so lucky to attend one of those. You can see Christina Greve´s beautiful work and ideas here.


I started with flowers, and I got one of my favorites. I took it inside in my warm living room to make it bloom, then I found a nice place to photograph it. The Pink Sakura, The pink Japaneese Cherry Blossom Tree.

And we were to give our flowers a mood, which was a challenge for me, I had an idea of what I wanted to do and then I realized it was not so easy, but I learned a lot, and it was really nice while the flowers were all over my house. Another great thing about photographing flowers is that they stand still and I could try again and again until I finally was pleased with my result. Now I can´t stop photograph flowers. I guess I try something new every day.

Then it was time to try food photography. And I love it! BUT I really don´t know how what to bake or cook to be able to photograph it afterwards. Now I am looking for someone who loves to cook so I can be there and photograph it :-D I guess I can not be great at everything :-D

I also went out to find some time outside in my local area, being out in the nature helps me be creative. And I started a project out doors this spring. Hopefully I will present that to you in a year.

The other day I had the honor of photographing this beautiful little girl, she is so pretty. And I wanted to test out some of the techniques from the workshop. Both in shooting and in editing. I am looking for my own style. I am spending time finding what I like, or dislike. And I tend to like the cooler pallet more than the warm colors.

I also wanted to try photographing siblings, but that became a new challenge for me. And I know what I will be spending time doing in the summer time this year. I will be photographing siblings, and small groups of children and grownups :-D

Now that you have been through my learning process it is time to show you in the direction of our 10 on 10 blog circle, I hope you will be reading the way around our blogs. And your first stop from here will be to have a look at what the very talented Luciane Steiner have done since last time. Her beautiful pictures of children playing on the beach.


With the warm wishes for a beautiful spring time from

Trini in Norway



Hello again, and thank you so much for all your kind comments last time

I can not believe a month has passed again, because after my exams it was like the air got out of the baloon and I did not want to use my camera or anything. I just had a couple of photo shoots and had to turn my home upside down to photograph for my blog today. Well, the florist was open and I got some spring flowers. The snow finally came, just when I was happy that we did not have too much of the white stuff this year, so I wanted to make the best of it and see what I could do with the snow and my flowers. Here is a few of them

Trying out different colors with the snow, turning the white balance a little cold and just testing the depth of field on my 24-70 mm

I don´t know what all these flowers are called in English, but the yellow one we just call; Easter Lilies


And lucky me, finding Ranunculus at the florist today, I just love them

And my all time favourite; the Tulip




Again I am playing with the dead flowers from last month, I think dead flowers are the best sculptures, and so incredible pretty.

One of the photo shoots was with this little princess, she is turning 1 this spring. I feel so lucky to be a part of her life. Humble and grateful for being allowed to photograph her so much.

In the end of February I was asked to capture this princess, Maria Moen, she was part of an assignment for my fabulous Make-up artist, Stian Lindgren. Thank you for such a fun sunday, both of you :-)

 Thank you for visiting my blog, and next month I guess I will have my new web-page up and working, I can not wait :-) Please head over to the very talented, Kim Bajorek and have a look at her beautiful pictures.


Until next time,


- Have a wonderful time -


- Trini - Trine Lise


I am so happy, humble and proud, I finished my practical exam in digital photography. I am so grateful to all you fantastic people who were models for me. I am pleased with the result for this practical exam, too. I had about a week´s time to create, shoot, post produce and hand in the images, and in the end I ended with a "B" grade on all my tasks - so I am really happy :-)


The first assignment was Beauty - Fashion - Retouch and this was my result, I tried to match the colors of the jacket to the environment. The pretty Vivi Sofie Mordt was my model.

The second task was to portrait a person over two images. I chose one of our local artists, and were very pleased with my result. Thank you to Anders Kaardahl, for showing me your work and spend time talking to me for this exam.

The third assignment was to make a documentary over 10 images, and I did just make this story with the images. I know it is in Norwegian, and the essence is a mother´s day never ends. The life of a hard working woman. Science shows that women tends to have more that one job, one outside the family and one in the family. Women´s stress hormones tends to be normal during the working hours outside the home, but rise in the afternoon. Being responsible for picking up the children, making dinner, cleaning, driving, having eyes in her neck and at the same time think about the job she just left outside her home. Men on the other hand seems to have a higher stress level outside of the family home, and when they get out of work and come home, they seem to have time off. Well, I know a lot of men who actually do a lot in the house hold, and I am so happy to see the change in Norwegian families. But I wanted to tribute the hard working women out there with this documentary. You are strong, you are fabulous, and I don´t know how you do it. Hang in there, and keep safe.

Thank you Tone L. Andresassen for letting me in, to document your day.


The fourth task was to make an ad for a magazine, The image should be fitted for double spread and single spread. I was so lucky, I got to borrow shoes and clothes from a Fashion store in my city :-) "Jentene på Kaffe", in Horten. (Jentene = girls and Kaffe = Coffee, but Kaffe is also a Danish brand for women´s clothes). I love these shoes, and wish that I were able to run around in high heels, but sadly I am not a steady high heel woman.

Thank you again, Tone L. Andreassen for stepping in for me. You really know how to walk those heels


And the last assignment was 1-3 images over the theme; "Dante's seven deadly sins" - I chose these three and are ever so grateful to the people who, willingly, wanted to be models for me. Do you know of the Seven Deadly sins? Greed, lust, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.

I deliberately chose the 1:1 format for those images. Thank you so much to Lina Felicia, Elida and Ferdinand for helping me out that cold, cold day.


Now it is time to head on over to the other fabulous female photographers in the blog circle, I am happy to present Bonnie Jakobsen-Martin. Please take a few minutes to have a look at her awesome pictures and follow her link.


Love and peace; Trini


Happy new year, to you, and welcome back to my blog

Today I woke up to a snowy world, I had plans for a photo shoot, but the snowfall prevented it. That could not stop me, so I made a few appointments to join some friends in the snow.

Both children and their parents enjoyed the snow on this awesome white saturday morning.

After a while I had to run for my next snowy adventure of the day. If you follow me on Instagram,, you might have seen that I just discovered that some Elves or Fairies have moved in to our city park. I needed to have a look how they were doing after all the snow last night, well it looked even more magical than before. I really like our new City Gardner, Jonina Kjartansdóttir, she is from Iceland where the Elves lives, and now she has discovered that some of the Icelandic Elves has moved in to my neighbourhood.

Come join me to have a look at how their houses looks like in the snow.


Not too far away from the pavilion we find one elf house.

 One of them has been out shoveling snow so we could find it. During night I have heard that there has been observed light from this house.

Some houses are higher up in the trees and they were easier to spot today.

Even their Mayor was snowed in. Maybe you have some Elves in your backyard trees? They seem to settle in places they percieve as beautiful, attractive and inclusive. Elves are helping us take care of the trees and care for the park, but they rely on being able to work in peace. They are quite shy and avoids any confrontation with people, but if you look really close you might be the lucky one to see them tending our gardens, parks and forests.

After making sure the elves were fine this fabulous snowy day I went to see another favourite place of mine, down at the Fjord, but first I will show you one of my sweetest friends making her first snowman, her first day outside, experiencing snow.

Lucky me have been around her to enjoy alot of her first things in life, like snow, walking, being away from her parents. I feel so blessed to have this wonderful girl and her family in my life.

Before I move on to my last pictures for today I want to remind you to follow our blog circle around, starting by popping by to the very talented Kristina Rust, she will show you some stunning images from her year in review. Just follow the link by pressing her name ;-)

Now it is time to stop procrastinating and finish my Portfolio, that I will present for my teacher, Marcus Bleasedale next week. I am so looking forward to this talk with him, the famous and very talented photographer I have had the honor calling my teacher for a year. Thank you :-) I am both nervous and excited for this talk, and I think that is normal.


Best wishes for you, and your loved ones, for the year we just entered <3


- Trini :-)



The last years I have been out of the whole Christmas spirit, I don´t feel anything but sadness. I guess there are several reasons for that, but most of all I feel so tired of being the best - even at making the Holidays perfect, finding the perfect gifts, the perfect clothes, making the best dinner, inviting most people, cleaning the house, baking, and all for a few days where I am so beat up that I can hardly enjoy any of the hard work I put in. I always believed that Christmas is for the children, and the families with children, and since I am not able to get my own children I guess I have been kind of sad during these Holidays.

Well, it is not easy chasing the Christmas spirit, but I tried, again this year. I didn´t think I was going to find it, being in the midst of my exams and finishing school, but boy was I surprised when I entered the local flower shop - and finally I found my Holiday and December spirit <3

I found my self walking around like a child in a candy store - and suddenly I heard it - I was humming on a Christmas carol like ever before :-) Thank you to Hageland in Horten, Norway, for making their store so pretty.

Here are some of the things that opened my heart for the spirit and the joyful time of December;

 Please head over to the very talented Kathleen and have a look at her lovely road trip images, and from her you can follow the circle of great photographers.

And, please let me wish you a blessed December, I hope you find your spirit. And most of all I wish you the best in the upcoming new year

2016 - I wish you will be the best year, ever <3

Lots of Love, Trini in Norway

Hello, and welcome back :-)

Yes, it is that time of the year - time for exams, during this December I will have a Portfolio exam, a written exam and several practical exams. I am looking forward to finish my studies, but at the same time I am a little sad that it is over for now. I would love to continue my journey to become a photographer. This time is really tight on the schedule so I just managed to post this blog today, I hope you will enjoy it, and a prayer of good luck for my upcoming exams would be much appreciated :-)

Talking about journeys, I recently went to Denmark, for the second time this year, on a photo-/ road trip with a friend of mine. And the result was interesting, but I will not share until I pass my Portfolio exam ;-)

On the way to Denmark I was so lucky to be at the harbor just before the break of dawn, this is, to me, such a magical time of the day

To overview the sunrise on the ocean is something I dream of doing every now and then


Denmark is known to be a really flat country, so I was happy to find these sand cliffs. It is possible to go for a walk along the edges for more than a kilometer, we didn´t because of the weather - and the fact we were traveling further that day

 The old light house was getting an upgrade, and I pray they will put it back to the style it used to have, it reminded me about The Great Gatsby era


I also spend time photograph children, for homework and practice of my techniques, I love it and I feel so grateful to the mothers (read; my friends) that lend me their time and children so that I can keep doing what I love. I am humble and happy today, looking at these pictures and thinking of the lovely time spent with positive and fabulous people.

Small princes, princesses and little elves - I would love to do more of this, I would love to be more creative to make even more stunning pictures for proud parents

And when I was the most busy, one mother shot a picture of me in action with her pretty daughter


Now I am proud to present to you, the really multi talented, Connie Hanks - please follow our circle around our blogs and take a look at what everybody has been up to the last month.


Lots of Love from Norway,


- Trini

Hello again,

I´m so sorry I missed out last month, but with school things have been rather busy, fun and fabulous. I missed you all and was so sure I wanted to join in this magic ring this month. Late September and October is the time for changes. The transformation of nature is yet again over us. I know that my cousin in Australia has just seen the signs of spring, but here in Norway we have just begun to see the colors changing. Actually from day to day the transformation happens around me.

Mushrooms are showing off in the forest too, and the most poison one is the most colorful one - even the nature says stop with the color of red.

Autumn is also about going to sleep, hibernate - I think it has become too sad to say that nature dies, because it happens every year. It is more a state of recharging, getting a new chance or just have a sleep. Well these old cars sitting in the forest is also reminding me of autumn, there is no secret that a lot of people on the northern hemisphere is experiencing a kind of depression these days. Going from the spring and summer with a lot of light and warmth to the cold and dark time of the year. Today is World Day of Mental Health and it is important to be aware that mental health is just as important as physical health. Mental health is not contagious and therefore we should not be afraid of lending a shoulder to each other. Next time it could be you experiencing some harder down time and who needs someone to listen to you. Always take care of your fellow human beings. After all, we are all one.

At least autumn is pretty in its color palette, and I am so lucky to know babies being born in this time of the year, too. And twice as lucky because I was invited to photograph the newborn. Here are a few from that photo shoot.

Welcome to our world, Hedda - may you have a strong, vice and good life ahead of you.

The fog is also a clear sign of autumn and winter getting closer. It is like a blanket over nature in the early mornings. I can´t wait to see more of this when I go to school.

I was also having a walk with this pretty one year old, she is about to let go of her walking-support. I guess it will be fun chasing her in the close future :-)

Happy 1st birthday, sweetest Kristine. I look forward to photograph you in your next year too :-)

It is not only in the woods that colors shows up these days. The sunsets are really strong and vivid.

And when the sun is set, it is time for a different scenery across the sky.

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.

With the pretty Aurora Borealis, the northern light, I say thank you for visiting my blog. And hope to see you back again.

I now hope you are ready for some more stunning pictures, please follow our 10 on 10 ring, I am proud to show you in the direction of the very talented Luciane Steiner, just click her name and be started on our circle.


- Lot´s of colorful autumn-Love from Trini,

Trine Lise in Norway,

We are already writing August 2015, this year went by in a hurricane, but I am not complaining, because the reason it feels like my life is on speed is because I am doing a lot of things. And to be honest, I can´t wait for school to start again in a week.

This month is all about perspective. So what is perspective? And what is it to me? And what is it to me in photography? The word ´Perspective´is a noun, used to identify any of a class of people, places, or things.

It means the art of representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other.

Synonyms to the word perspective are (among several); outlook, view, viewpoint, point of view, standpoint, position, stand, stance and angle.

This is how the boring, analytic, academic part of my brain starts working with a topic. The creative part is being pushed aside to find a logic solution to any challenge. So it is about time to put this in perspective since I now want to pursue the creative part of me. Sometimes we just need to look at it from a different perspective, and that is what I am hoping to achieve from this months challenge.

Using reflection is one way to find a different perspective on things. I am rather found of shooting reflections in different ways, I am not so good at showing them off to anyone, but those images sits in my hard drive and just wait, wait until I am free enough to show them to the world, or not. My academic, analytic part of the brain is so afraid of being a copy cat, so it holds me back. Even if I am told, over and over again, that it is almost impossible to shoot a photography that has not been shot before, I am still afraid of being a cheater or something, so I just keep them to myself for now.

Being the oldest or the only child in a family is also something that makes me put things in perspective. Suddenly you will find that you are the oldest one in your family, or maybe even the only one. There is no wonder that the older we get the more important family gets. I remember my dad when he turned 60 years, he suddenly started to visit his old relatives and even found a few new cousins thanks to Facebook. I am starting to feel the same way, and I am starting to look at old photography, do you have resent pictures of your loved ones? Did anyone write down who is who on your old black and white pictures left behind for generations? I think photography is really important to remember people and situations. I recommend you to go to a photographer and get the family portrait you have thought about for a while or of your parents, your siblings or together with your best friend, just before it is too late.

Or maybe you have another way of looking at it? Humor is a great way to find perspectives in life. Humor and sarcasm may bring different solutions than you had ever imagined.

To stand high in the mountain, looking down and at the view gives you a perspective of the surroundings. When I was a student at the university I learned that it could be very smart to get a birds point of view to see the whole picture. But when standing high up in the mountain it is easy to miss the beauty of the small things living at the edge of the ocean, so if you want to see the details you better find a possibility to be close to what you like to observe, like wide angle or macro photography, one is to see the whole area and the other to see the detail of an object.


At Kråkeslottet on Senja in the northern part of Norway someone spent summer in this cabin on the smooth rocks by the Norwegian sea, which is north of the Atlantic Sea.

 I find it easy to find different perspectives when surronding myself with beauty. And to me flowers are beautiful. By my work space I have a photography of flowers by Joyce Tenneson, and it is such a great inspiration.

And looking on other artists work is also a way of seeing things from a different angle, like the art exhibitions, music and theater at Kråkeslottet this summer. Art in July is an art festival in the high north.

 Since I started this blog telling you all about how afraid I am to copy someone I will end this article with a copy I made just because I had this article in mind. I think this is one of the best perspective views I have ever seen and the photographer I copied is a fabulous Norwegian photographer called Arnfinn Johnsen, my dream is to be able to join one of his workshops in the near future.


I hope you got a perspective on things reading your way down here, or if you are like me you need to see more about perspective, please follow our blog circle 10 on 10 to see if you get any wiser. I will point you to the next in the circle, the very talented and lovely Kristina Rust and see what she has been up to lately.

Until next time - I wish you new perspectives in your life,

- Trini




This summer I wanted to do a trip with my sweet sixteen. She is an amazing girl, living on her own in a different city, because she wanted to attend an english-speaking high school. She is doing great at school, but she has had some struggles living on her own. This is why it was very important for me to do something nice and special with and for her this summer. It was hard to choose what to do, but in the end we decided to do a roadtrip to Denmark, through the south of Sweden and with a ferry back to Norway in the end. We booked a few hotels, but wanted to have the opportunity to do some impulsive actions as well. The pictures this time is from one of these impulsive off the main road adventures.

I have always had a dream of living on a small farm, growing my own food, living ecological and be free to dig into the soil. From television I knew of this place, Fuglebjerggård (The Bird hill farm), so Lina agreed to go and have a look at this farm. I guess she really would love to stay in Copenhagen for another day, but she joined me for this. And when we arrived, and I got cold feet for going in to someones farm, she motivated me to carry on, oh my am I happy for that.

The only thing I am sad about is that the farmers store was closed and so was the coffee shop, but we met some really nice and smiling people that gave us permission to walk around and have a look. Now I want to share this beautiful, amazing place with you.

If the shop is open when you visit, I suggest that you look for the Italian pots for your herbs. I loved them, and would have filled my car with them if the shop was open, and it is - every Saturday. Short reminder to self; make sure to have a look for opening hours in advance.

or to buy some of the "get away worm" juice for your plants, vegetables and herbs - all ecological.

Even the out house has a fabulous name "eco toilet" - and that is what I will call my cabin out house too

The garden smell of all the beautiful flowers. So many roses with the scent of heaven.

And the insects were having a party all over the place.

Since there has been a few very dry and hot days in Denmark the plants needed some water.

Busy collecting nectar for later

In between the roses, vegetables, animals and bushes there were a few oases. Absolutely like a queen's garden

Lina found some kittens and wanted us to adopt one of them, or if she could choose she would buy all 9 kittens and the 3 grown cats we met. And then she would love to have a place like this on her own, like me.

Then we found some more temptations for making a place like this. Berries of all kinds, lettuce, kale, eatable flowers, nuts, fruits and a lot of other vegetables.

Drying flowers for different use, I love that they use all of what they grow on this farm. And it is possible to buy things from their net-shop as well.

I hope you have enjoyed this article as much as I loved walking around, shooting the images together with the most amazing girl.

Thank you Lina for making the vacation so precious and special.

Now I will encourage you to follow our blog circle, and from my blog I will show you the talented Suzanne O'Brien.



Lot´s of summerly love to all of you from my sweet sixteen and me.


- Trini

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