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10 on 10 ...May is already here...

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Dear reader,

This is the month where we celebrate our national day in Norway, and a lot of boys and girls go to their confirmation. We celebrate spring and beginning of summer, and change our indoor activities to outdoor activities. We start talking to our neighbors again after living inside during winter. New babies are born, the birds are singing again and it feels like we are all more alive, I love spring and summer.

One of my tasks from the workshop was "Spring in my hands", I love photographing flowers, and will do a lot more of that in the coming weeks.

I also love combining flowers and portraits in double exposure, it is so much fun, I love that I can do all of it in my camera and spend so little time retouching.

As I was saying, alot of newborns are out and about already, lucky me to be able to photograph these small miracles of the world.

And the confirmand, Elise, in her beautiful Bunad, this is a bunad from Nordmøre, wich is located on the west coast, almost in the middle of Norway.

And Evelina is wearing her Bunad from Nordland, which is in the northern parts of Norway, not all the way up, but in the arctic circle area.

Andreas was so cool to stand out in the cold wind for this pictures.




Now I will send you off to take a look in to our blog circle, and start with the really beautiful pictures from Kathleen Ries - and after that it is easy to follow all of the fabulous, interesting, talented and awesome photographers from the blog circle. Enjoy <3




I wish you all a joyful summer - may you have a lot of fun, shoot great pictures and enjoy life.

Until next time,


- Trini in Norway




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  • Kathleen

    Trini - so much beauty here! From the spring flowers and newborns to the traditional dress and your wonderful models.

    I adore the baby ducks. The double exposure shots are stunning, I love how you're always stretching, learning and trying new things. Very inspiriting.

    Kathleen Thursday, 12 May 2016
  • Kristina

    What gorgeous photos. I love all the flower images and the newborn baby is precious. And so interesting to see the young women in their beautiful and unique Bunads. Wishing you a joyous spring. xo

    Kristina Thursday, 12 May 2016
  • Luca

    Trine, the flower pictures are beautiful but I simply love the double exposure portraits, they are gorgeous! I hope you do more of them since you like photographing flowers, would love to see more! Happy Spring!

    Luca Tuesday, 10 May 2016
  • Kim Bajorek

    Trini! First of good to see your smiling face here! Oh how I miss you! These are so beautiful. Your still life is so well photographed...great depth of field and perfect focus. Your portraits are so gorgeous. I wonder, what is your favorite to photograph? Thank you for sharing what happens in your part of the world. What a beautiful time of year! Much love to you! Kim

    Kim Bajorek Tuesday, 10 May 2016

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