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Hi - how are you?

I am feeling great, I am attending an online workshop in lifestyle photography. I find it really awesome, I struggle every day, but I find it really fun. I am not great at styling, and think I will find someone to cooperate with for shots like this, but it is great to know the basics and it is actually fun. I think the workshop is really busy, so much to cover on such little time. I tend to spend time practice what we learned the first week, still in week three. And my tiny studio are filling up with props, it looks so interesting out there :-) Like a small museum ;-)

I have also learned that I am not spending my time in the kitchen any more either, photography has taken all my time, and when I am not behind my camera or in my digital darkroom, I am relaxing to get my strength back for more walks on the beach with my camera.

Lifestyle photography is about flowers, still life, food, travel and how to tell stories. For me the idea is to learn how to compose beautiful pictures, maybe to sell to Magazines, or just for the beauty of it. This was such a fabulous continuing from my last year at school, where we worked with story telling, how to tell a person´s story through images. And since I made a story for my portfolio, not including a person, just a few people in the distance. I got a few "aha´s" during this workshop. The photographer behind the workshop is Danish, her name is Christina Greve and her online workshop is rellay great. I know she also gives workshops in Denmark and one day I might be so lucky to attend one of those. You can see Christina Greve´s beautiful work and ideas here.


I started with flowers, and I got one of my favorites. I took it inside in my warm living room to make it bloom, then I found a nice place to photograph it. The Pink Sakura, The pink Japaneese Cherry Blossom Tree.

And we were to give our flowers a mood, which was a challenge for me, I had an idea of what I wanted to do and then I realized it was not so easy, but I learned a lot, and it was really nice while the flowers were all over my house. Another great thing about photographing flowers is that they stand still and I could try again and again until I finally was pleased with my result. Now I can´t stop photograph flowers. I guess I try something new every day.

Then it was time to try food photography. And I love it! BUT I really don´t know how what to bake or cook to be able to photograph it afterwards. Now I am looking for someone who loves to cook so I can be there and photograph it :-D I guess I can not be great at everything :-D

I also went out to find some time outside in my local area, being out in the nature helps me be creative. And I started a project out doors this spring. Hopefully I will present that to you in a year.

The other day I had the honor of photographing this beautiful little girl, she is so pretty. And I wanted to test out some of the techniques from the workshop. Both in shooting and in editing. I am looking for my own style. I am spending time finding what I like, or dislike. And I tend to like the cooler pallet more than the warm colors.

I also wanted to try photographing siblings, but that became a new challenge for me. And I know what I will be spending time doing in the summer time this year. I will be photographing siblings, and small groups of children and grownups :-D

Now that you have been through my learning process it is time to show you in the direction of our 10 on 10 blog circle, I hope you will be reading the way around our blogs. And your first stop from here will be to have a look at what the very talented Luciane Steiner have done since last time. Her beautiful pictures of children playing on the beach.


With the warm wishes for a beautiful spring time from

Trini in Norway



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  • Bonnie

    Trini, it certainly looks like you got a lot out of your class and it is great that you are trying new things. I love the dark florals and also the one with the baby looking at her brother's tablet .. . that is such a great moment captured.

    Bonnie Saturday, 23 April 2016
  • Luca

    Love the flower images, so perfect they even look like painting! And the baby girl as cute as a doll! I'm very curious about your project, such a long one! Happy Spring!

    Luca Saturday, 16 April 2016
  • Kim B

    Trine Lise - it's always such a joy to view your photos. I'm so happy that you studied with Christina Greve. She was my very first on-line teacher for photography and I learned a lot from her. As always, beautiful photos and you've given us a lot to sink our teeth into! :)

    Kim B Sunday, 10 April 2016

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