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10 on 10 ...Spring or Winter...

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Hello again, and thank you so much for all your kind comments last time

I can not believe a month has passed again, because after my exams it was like the air got out of the baloon and I did not want to use my camera or anything. I just had a couple of photo shoots and had to turn my home upside down to photograph for my blog today. Well, the florist was open and I got some spring flowers. The snow finally came, just when I was happy that we did not have too much of the white stuff this year, so I wanted to make the best of it and see what I could do with the snow and my flowers. Here is a few of them

Trying out different colors with the snow, turning the white balance a little cold and just testing the depth of field on my 24-70 mm

I don´t know what all these flowers are called in English, but the yellow one we just call; Easter Lilies


And lucky me, finding Ranunculus at the florist today, I just love them

And my all time favourite; the Tulip




Again I am playing with the dead flowers from last month, I think dead flowers are the best sculptures, and so incredible pretty.

One of the photo shoots was with this little princess, she is turning 1 this spring. I feel so lucky to be a part of her life. Humble and grateful for being allowed to photograph her so much.

In the end of February I was asked to capture this princess, Maria Moen, she was part of an assignment for my fabulous Make-up artist, Stian Lindgren. Thank you for such a fun sunday, both of you :-)

 Thank you for visiting my blog, and next month I guess I will have my new web-page up and working, I can not wait :-) Please head over to the very talented, Kim Bajorek and have a look at her beautiful pictures.


Until next time,


- Have a wonderful time -


- Trini - Trine Lise

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  • Luca

    Gorgeous shots Trini, the flowers on snow even look like art gallery paintings! Warm wishes from SoCal for a colorful spring!

    Luca Monday, 14 March 2016
  • Kim Bajorek

    Trini! Happy Spring!'s almost here. Lovely, delicate flowers, shot on white. If I am seeing the yellow flowers correctly, we call them daffodils. Beautiful job on the portraits. Love the baby's eyes!!! Sending you big hugs from California!

    Kim Bajorek Saturday, 12 March 2016

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