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I am so happy, humble and proud, I finished my practical exam in digital photography. I am so grateful to all you fantastic people who were models for me. I am pleased with the result for this practical exam, too. I had about a week´s time to create, shoot, post produce and hand in the images, and in the end I ended with a "B" grade on all my tasks - so I am really happy :-)


The first assignment was Beauty - Fashion - Retouch and this was my result, I tried to match the colors of the jacket to the environment. The pretty Vivi Sofie Mordt was my model.

The second task was to portrait a person over two images. I chose one of our local artists, and were very pleased with my result. Thank you to Anders Kaardahl, for showing me your work and spend time talking to me for this exam.

The third assignment was to make a documentary over 10 images, and I did just make this story with the images. I know it is in Norwegian, and the essence is a mother´s day never ends. The life of a hard working woman. Science shows that women tends to have more that one job, one outside the family and one in the family. Women´s stress hormones tends to be normal during the working hours outside the home, but rise in the afternoon. Being responsible for picking up the children, making dinner, cleaning, driving, having eyes in her neck and at the same time think about the job she just left outside her home. Men on the other hand seems to have a higher stress level outside of the family home, and when they get out of work and come home, they seem to have time off. Well, I know a lot of men who actually do a lot in the house hold, and I am so happy to see the change in Norwegian families. But I wanted to tribute the hard working women out there with this documentary. You are strong, you are fabulous, and I don´t know how you do it. Hang in there, and keep safe.

Thank you Tone L. Andresassen for letting me in, to document your day.


The fourth task was to make an ad for a magazine, The image should be fitted for double spread and single spread. I was so lucky, I got to borrow shoes and clothes from a Fashion store in my city :-) "Jentene på Kaffe", in Horten. (Jentene = girls and Kaffe = Coffee, but Kaffe is also a Danish brand for women´s clothes). I love these shoes, and wish that I were able to run around in high heels, but sadly I am not a steady high heel woman.

Thank you again, Tone L. Andreassen for stepping in for me. You really know how to walk those heels


And the last assignment was 1-3 images over the theme; "Dante's seven deadly sins" - I chose these three and are ever so grateful to the people who, willingly, wanted to be models for me. Do you know of the Seven Deadly sins? Greed, lust, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.

I deliberately chose the 1:1 format for those images. Thank you so much to Lina Felicia, Elida and Ferdinand for helping me out that cold, cold day.


Now it is time to head on over to the other fabulous female photographers in the blog circle, I am happy to present Bonnie Jakobsen-Martin. Please take a few minutes to have a look at her awesome pictures and follow her link.


Love and peace; Trini


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  • Kim B.

    Hi Trini! Wow! What exciting projects! I was really moved by your documentary and the interesting facts about the stress hormones in men and women and how they differ. To have all these projects expands your photographic eye and your creativity, and you did all so well. Lovely photos! My grade...A!!

    Kim B. Tuesday, 16 February 2016
  • Bonnie

    Trini, congrats on finishing your final exams. You did a great job with all your assignments--so creative and interesting. I especially love the last image. The captured expression is spot on and the black and white is perfect.

    Bonnie Tuesday, 16 February 2016
  • Kristina

    These are all so great. Congratulations on completing this project and on your terrific grade! You are so creative and talented and I bet all your subjects had so much fun working with you. P.S. LOVE the shoes!

    Kristina Thursday, 11 February 2016

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